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Oct 13 1990 cover

We've got some original issues for sale and we're looking for some we've lost, dated between 1990 and 1991. If you can help, get in touch via the contact form here and tell us what you want or what you've got.


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About The Site

It's been 25 odd years since Rock Review ceased publication in 1991. By the time I left the United States I had amassed thousands of photos, slides, negatives and contact sheets, all thrown hastily together, jumbled up in a big box.

Over Christmas 2012 I decided it was time to pull them out, organise them and put a sampler of them on Facebook for the benefit of a few friends.

The response to this was huge and overwhelming, and I realised that there was still a great deal of interest in our late 80s - early 90s Hollywood alternative rock culture. Like Haight Ashbury in the 60s, the late 80s were a particularly fertile time for music, fashion, nightlife and uniquely decadent lifestyles, the likes of which we will probably never see again. It was time to digitise it and put it on-line, before the media deteriorated and it was lost forever.

Rock Review came out weekly and served the same function then as a website does now. But in the immediate pre-internet and smartphones era, the only people taking good quality pictures and documenting events and shows were us journalists, and as far as Hollywood's decadent subculture was concerned, Rock Review was the only publication that was there to capture the whole scene from beginning to end.

The 80s Sunset Strip scene has been well documented elsewhere, but the darker, more intense Hollywood 213 subculture had its own story to tell. Until now that story has been stored away in a dusty box, waiting for technology to reach a point where it could be scanned in and put on-line.

So if you were there, this site tells your story too, and ours, for eventually Rock Review became a part of the legend it wrote about, without really realising it at the time.

I hope you enjoy this little slice of Hollywood history.

AJ Hunter
LARR Foreign Editor, 1988-91.

28 January 2013

Contributions Welcome

Nothing in this world is free, and that includes web hosting and the prodigious amount of time and energy that's gone into putting this together, indexing it, colour correcting it, writing it, researching it, and tracking down as many of the photographers and their subjects as possible.

So if your life or your band is documented here because you were too busy or too trashed or too unfamiliar with cameras to do it yourself at the time,please return the favour by contributing to the website here.

If your picture is on here and for some reason you want it deleted, just drop us a line and we'll remove it.
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2017 To-do list:

Scan in, clean up and post all issues of LARR on-line. We're keen to get copies or scans of photos of any issues from 1990-1991 that are in good shape, so if you've got any, get in touch using the Contact Us form link to the left.


Create an index for each issue.

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