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Oct 13 1990 cover

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Flyer montage


Every so often, in some particular place, at some specific time, everything just clicks.

In the 1890s it was the Cafe Royal in London. It was The Algonquin Round table in New York, in the 1920s. In the late 70s it was Studio 54, again in New York, but in late 80s Los Angeles it was Scream. The personalities, the spirit of the age, the music, the conspicuous decadence, the technology, the drugs, the clothes, it all came together around that club for a few magical magnificent delirious years, the likes of which will never be seen again.

The dark, outrageously dressed denizens of that cavernous nightclub created a culture and a sound and a fashion sensibility that spread out and created ripples that went around the world, and can still be felt even today. There to document it all was the deliberately innocuously titled LA Rock Review.

For Hollywood's musicians the late 80's were the swan song of the analog rock `n roll generation, the last one whose bands sent demos to record companies on cassette tapes, the last one that bought music on CDs with picture on the labels and fold out inserts inside, the last one that made their own band flyers on A4 paper with scissors, cut up photos, pens and felt tips, and then spent a hour or two in Raging Fingers at 3am printing them off next to some possibly armed tinfoil hatter who was running out psycho flyers ABOUT how the SAUCER PEOPLE were COMING to MELT our bRaaaaiiaiInS.

Then they spent an hour or two dodging the cops while they flyered around the next venue they were going to play. Their fans were the last generation who didn't think music was a free commodity and were prepared to pay for it, even if it


meant starving, because it was good enough to starve for. They were the last ones who wanted to hold music in their hands, because for them it was a tangible thing.

Rock Review was the printed equivalent of a modern website that was updated weekly, but it existed in the immediate pre-internet age. It had reviews, art, street fashion, ads, gossip,  in-your-face photography, classifieds , humor, complete bullshit, acid social commentary, scandal, rumors and innuendo,  all slammed together using fairly primitive typesetting gear in a couple of frantic days, ready to hit the streets at dawn on Saturday morning.

If all went well your average Hollywood vampire could stagger out of bed at midday, grab a copy on the way to Mel `n Roses or Denny's on Sunset and find out what to do and where to go for the entire following week over a bottomless cup of hangover removing java.

For a few glorious years, Rock Review survived on the smell of an oily rag and the promise of riches to come.

Mainstay advertisers like the infamous Scream and the notorious Cathouse along with The Coconut Teaszer, Avalon, English Acid, Goldenvoice, Hi Times, Club with no Name, and TK Productions, to name a few, made sure through thick and thin that we came out on time and in sufficient volume to cover our eclectic target demographic: The 213 area code east of the Whisky, west of Commonwealth, and north of 6th.

Hollywood Vampires Party Central.

This website is dedicated to them.

Cool LARR stuff from Marc VachonComing to a front page near you: SMASH FASHION




June 16 2017

Check out the 3rd LARR Reunion show at the Viper Room in Los Angeles!

Four major LA Rock Review front cover bands!!

The Dead Boys
The Flamethrowers
Love Razors

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